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Should probably not make a habit of this
  FrEaK[S.sIR], Nov 18 2009

I should try winning out of the gates...

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Eff this noise
  FrEaK[S.sIR], Nov 14 2009

Had multiple house vs house, AA lose in 4b/5b pots ect for 400+bb pots to start the session, nuts vs 2nd nuts...some days I hate this fucking game.

Then I started making some hands, my hands started holding up, got lucky in some spots.

Still ran "above expectation" because there isn't a calculation for house vs house, AA vs QQ on Qxx when 50bb go in pf ect. Made some 2 outers, won some big coin flips.

Time to go get drunk.

This is all 2/4 and 3/6 btw

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  FrEaK[S.sIR], Oct 09 2009

I certainly didn't miss these swings. Not a lot buyins-wise but I'm still getting used to not having the money hurt.

Was going to move down to 1/2 to rebuild confidence when I hit -9k in 24 hours but then I godmoded 2/4 deep Finding some fishes helped too

Been considering doing some writing in my blog. I just have a hard time coming up with ideas to write about but I can talk non stop about anything. When it comes down to writing I jsut freeze up though. It's funny.

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